About Me


I am long time Redmond resident Dave Sage continuing the over 25 years long family tradition of massage in Redmond, following in my mother’s footsteps helping people through the Sage healing touch of massage.

Bringing you the massage you want and the massage you need. Not because I am some kind of sage thinking I know-it-all, but because I listen to you and your body to customize the massage techniques, applying the most beneficial methods to sooth and rejuvenate your body through muscle manipulations.

Because I focus on truly caring about helping people discover the benefits of massage while working to achieve these benefits with them:

Improving wellness and overall health. Treatment of existing issues. Preventive health care/overall wellness. Stress relief/mental well-being. Relaxation and restoration. Relief of pain or muscle soreness. Injury rehabilitation.

Imagine having someone’s undivided attention for a full hour – someone whose sole purpose for that hour is to ease your pain and lower your stress so you will feel amazing.


No pain, all gain!